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Employee engagement – a sustainable win-win for Africa?

In the developed world, much of the thinking around sustainable development is focused on words that begin with ‘re’ – realigning, repositioning, reconfiguring. In other words, changing what we have traditionally been doing. But as we look to the developing world – the African continent in particular – maybe businesses should think about getting it right, right from the start.

Every branding expert will tell you that whilst it is essential to define the values of your brand, it is not sufficient in itself. You also need to get your employees engaged with those values – to become brand champions. Well, what if sustainability was one of the brand values? Not only would your employees be brand champions, they would be sustainability champions at the same time.

Economic development across the African continent could be sustainable development from the off – with the full engagement of everyone involved – and no need to ‘re’ this or ‘re’ that.

Wishful thinking? All it takes is for businesses to consider their own interests going forward. Is that really too much to ask? 

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