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Have you really thought about the ‘T’ in SWOT?

Plenty of people are talking about it, but how many businesses are really planning for it? The destruction of the world’s natural capital. How many businesses have really thought about the ‘T’ in their SWOT analyses?

Every traditional business model, irrespective of the final product, is ultimately predicated on breathable air in cities, plentiful access to water and fertile soil. But none of these taken-for-granted basics can be taken for granted in the future if we all continue as we are. As they decline, so too will the pool of available employees and customers with the wherewithal to buy.

And we haven’t even touched on the long list of other finite resources (from aluminium to oil to the rare minerals such as coltan) that our economies depend on and that so many businesses assume they will be able to continue acquiring in the quantities they demand.

We cannot go on consuming the resources of a planet and a half (double that in the developed world) whilst we’re all living on just one.

So what’s the answer? That would take more than a blog post to discuss. But one thing is certain – businesses need to re-examine their long-term plans. And they haven’t got forever to do it.  

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