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Why do we need sustainable resources? Because ‘the Perfect Storm’ is coming.

In 1986, stakeholders from around the world came together in Ottawa, Canada, for the First International Conference on Health Promotion. Emerging from this conference was a charter for action to achieve Health for All, which identified eight fundamental conditions and resources for health (the ‘prerequisites for health’). Over the last month, we have considered these eight prerequisites – and discussing what they mean 28 years later. In this final blog we consider Sustainable Resources (and the future availability of everyday resources…)

It is five years since Professor Sir John Beddington published his paper predicting that the world would be faced with a ‘perfect storm’ of global challenges in 2030, and despite garnering a lot of attention at the time, the world is still facing significant pressure on a wide range vital resources from food, water and energy to raw materials and clean air. For instance

  •    By 2030, global water requirements are expected to grow from 4,500 billion m3 to 6,900 billion m3.
  •    By 2030 the world’s primary energy demand is expected to be 40% higher than in 2007.
  •    By 2030 - globally, growth in demand for poultry is estimated to increase by 170% from 2000 with a 725% increase in south Asia.
  •    By 2030, aluminium consumption is likely to have increased more than 2.5 times to 120 Mt compared with 45.3 Mt in 2006.

Below we have included an excellent infographic which illustrates just how close we are to using the last of our remaining stocks of non-renewable resources (Source IIB Studio + BBC Future 2012) …

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