• What We Do

    We support you to drive sustainable change in your business

    Materiality and Strategy Refresh

    Assessing what matters most to business and stakeholders e.g. public perceptions of ‘giving back’; privacy and big data; local employment


    Prioritising objectives, managing the right balance of investment in risk management and support for innovation

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    Stakeholder Engagement

    Assessing the impacts of current engagement. What is heard, by who, and why?


    Tools to improve levels of internal and external engagement

    Measurement and Mapping to Build Trust

    Identifying what shapes perceptions including hidden influences through global / regional-industry lenses


    The impact of business on society - environmental, social and ethical


    Who /what can liberate/derail Licence to Operate

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    Understanding Value Creation

    Defining positive social impact, how it is articulated to stakeholders and how it effects reputation, advocacy and ultimately stakeholder trust


    Addressing barriers and triggers to value creation and risk reduction, i.e. culture, resources, internal conflicts

    Integrating Planetary Boundaries and Social Thresholds

    Using our seven step model


    For more, see our research, here

    LCA and Measuring Resources ‘not on the balance sheet’

    The financial impact of ‘natural and social resources’ on revenues streams

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    Supply Chain Assessment

    Deep dive risk assessment (and root cause analysis) e.g. labour rights, biodiversity impact

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    Reporting and Communications

    Helping you to communicate your progress


    Includes Integrated Reporting and GRI G4 frameworks

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