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Who we are

I support clients in identifying and embedding social, environmental, ethical, and sustainability risk into their strategy to enable trusted innovation. I do this through consultancy, mentoring, advisory and interim services. I work with corporations, the public sector, NGOs and multi-stakeholder groups seeking new solutions to the challenges in social, environmental, ethical, and sustainability agendas while creating new societal value. Everything I do is underpinned by a desire to enable trusted innovation and self-motivated behaviour change to deliver a more sustainable society. I am an experienced strategist, especially in identifying weak signals and new forms of risk. I support clients in identifying and integrating these signals of risk into strategy to create opportunity in the financial performance of the business.

I combine my background in mathematics, PhD in product carbon footprinting and proven sustainability expertise to offer a life-cycle (cradle-to-grave) perspective to identifying the social and environmental resources, which are integral to the realisation of a business' vision and strategy. At the core of my work is identifying what matters most to an organisation and its stakeholders (now and in the future). I then use this ‘deep dive’ insight and materiality assessment to support internal teams develop new - and refine existing – strategies, thereby embedding environmental, social and ethical sources of external risk into wider business context and commercial business strategy.

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