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What Gen Z think - towards 2030

Generation Z are arguably the most important generation of planetary stewards.

Its been well documented that they are hyper aware and concerned about human impact on the planet. They are also cited as champions for social issues like world hunger and inequality. But what do they want done about the future of our planet? Do they really care?


Social Equity • Social Threshold #9
Ozone  • Planetary Limit #7
Education • Social Threshold #3
Climate Change • Planetary Limit #1

Gen Z - do they really care? A timely conversation about their planet

Gen Z around the world


The #KnowYourGoals campaign, pioneered by SDSN Youth, is a global initiative to empower communities to take ownership of the SDGs by inviting local organizers, particularly young people, to raise awareness of the SDGs within local campuses and communities.

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Have a read of the latest Youth Solutions report which seeks to identify and celebrate 50 youth-led solutions and ideas that are successfully contributing towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in business, charity, education and research. 

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All images used are sourced from Unsplash

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