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NEW RESEARCH: How many sustainability targets are actually aligned to meet the limits and thresholds

Article 13 is delighted to announce the launch of Project#D.

Our year on year analysis of company reporting shows an increase in sustainability performance measurement and more targets being set against our planetary limits and social thresholds. But only 15% of these targets are actually aligned to meet the limits and thresholds of what the world needs to survive.

This means 85% of sustainability targets are misaligned. Even if reached, they will fail to have the necessary impact.

It's the same story with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with 94% of companies failing to assess performance against specific SDG targets or indicators.

It's time to get targets realigned for impact. ​

Our Project #D Impact Assessment is designed and tested with companies to help experts embed planetary limits and social thresholds into their organisation:

* Systematically assess the impact of all the limits and thresholds

* Move from measuring activity to absolute impact

* Set targets which deliver to what the world needs

* Make the limits and thresholds simple to understand and communicate.

Read our 2020 research report HERE.

The mission of Article 13 is to help organisations thrive within our planetary limits and social thresholds.. Contact us for how we can help ensure your organisation aligns with the what the world needs.

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