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Stakeholder engagement thinking and practice

Case Studies

US based global grocery retailer

Materiality analysis with stakeholder inclusivity


  • High level analysis for individual markets

  • Internal briefings and practical actions to support shift from GRI G4 > GRI Standards reporting

  • Emerging risk briefings

  • External assurance

Our Point of Difference

An iterative approach to materiality -

mega trends, peers, stakeholders

GRI standard ready focusing on significant impacts on the economy, the environment, and society

The assessment helped provide insights into additional topics where our business has a strong societal impact, but that do not yet impact decision-making for a wide segment of our stakeholders.

Head of Sustainability

Global food company

Practical help for senior management


  • A hands on stakeholder engagement session as part of a senior management conference

Our Point of Difference

Real actors and real life content bringing stakeholder engagement ‘to life’. Behavioural, practical and fun

Enabling teams to understand the part they could play - broadening the conversation - so it became part of ‘my daily interactions’

A completely different way to think about how our stakeholders think.


UK Airport

Understanding the drivers of perceptions and influence on reputation


  • A neutral review of community perception - ‘what the neighbours think.’

  • A deep dive into the impact of material issues relative to other drivers of opinion

Our Point of Difference

A layered, iterative approach and wider external lens to inform future stakeholder engagement plans

Data drilling to identify under-heard and over-heard voices

The project served to scientifically prove our instincts and provide positive public-facing soundbites.

Head of Corporate


Global pharma company

Participative approach to ethics in drug development


  • Embed a new culture of ethical risk management within the workforce in order to overcome barriers to motivation and innovation 

  • Work within a highly legislated and regulated environment

Our Point of Difference

Facilitated discussion enabled employees to develop shared meaning around “ethics” and what it meant to them in their jobs and the way they do business

Participative workshops were the tool of choice, to enable the development of policy that put subjects at the heart of the process.

Global Head of Clinical Trials

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