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Strategic / technical advisory partnership

Case Studies

Global agribusiness / biotechnology

Shaping the debate and driving new technology acceptance for trusted innovation


  • Insight Generation

  • Current and emerging advocacy models around tech acceptance

  • The agri-technology landscape – global, regional and industry lenses

  • Debate influencers – today and tomorrow

  • Impacts on license to operate and industry license to innovate

Article 13 often serves as my second brain.

Global Corporate Affairs Director

Our Point of Difference

Disruptive deep dive insight

- where science meets society

Multinational drinks company

LCA on carbon and water brand impacts plus footprint education and reporting


  • Technical Life Cycle Analysis on carbon and water brand impacts

  • Translation into meaningful public-facing corporate and brand information

The tone is spot on – relaxed, not authoritative and not too scientific

Global Sustainable Development Director

Our Point of Difference

Practical toolkits to enable engaging stories with benchmark comparisons to everyday items, info-graphics and bite-sized facts

Global business service company

Using the SDGs to unite local and global goals


  • A common frame of reference and roadmap to explain sustainability / corporate responsibility and impact to business stakeholders

  • SDG focused case studies for annual reporting addressing the GRI’s Sustainability Principle

The work helped us demonstrate how we have a structured and thoughtful approach to being a socially responsible business.

Director of Health, Safety and Environment

Our Point of Difference

Provision of tangible stories for employees to share, starting with the ‘Global Context’ and ‘why we do it’

Linking global challenges to business material issues

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