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Are we bankrupting nature? 

Leading scientist of the global 'planetary boundary' research, Johan is the Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and a professor in Environmental Sciences at Stockholm University.

Why it's time for 'Doughnut Economics'

Economic theory is centuries out of date and that's a disaster for tackling the 21st century's challenges of climate change, poverty, and extreme inequality. Kate Raworth flips economic thinking on its head to give a crash course in alternative economics...

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Cranes reunited Belgian families with elderly relatives

A Belgian maintenance company with a fleet of cranes is using the machines to reunite families with relatives living in high-rise care homes. Residents of nursing homes have been isolated from their families for weeks to protect them from Covid-19, and while those living on ground floors have been able to chat to loved ones through windows, this hasn’t been possible for residents living higher up. Offering a solution to that is Tristan Van den Bosch, manager of Group-f maintenance company, which

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