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Are we bankrupting nature? 

Leading scientist of the global 'planetary boundary' research, Johan is the Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and a professor in Environmental Sciences at Stockholm University.

Why it's time for 'Doughnut Economics'

Economic theory is centuries out of date and that's a disaster for tackling the 21st century's challenges of climate change, poverty, and extreme inequality. Kate Raworth flips economic thinking on its head to give a crash course in alternative economics...

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Scottish rewilding project continues under lockdown

Positive News reported on the rewilding enthusiasts who have foregone the comforts of their own homes during lockdown to rewild the Scottish Highlands. Volunteers working for Trees for Life have been isolating themselves at the charity’s Dundreggan rewilding estate in Glenmoriston since March – to care for more than 100,000 native trees, which were due to be planted this spring. “No one has visited us for weeks now, except for delivery drivers and the postie,” said Doug Gilbert of Tre

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